This page is the index for the section on maps of Canterbury. We have the modern map, and older maps (from 1580, 1640, 1752, 1768, 1822 and the 1950s, see below).

Click here for the full modern map of Canterbury, with clickable links to all the buildings.

Or look at these:

1. The oldest on the website - Braun and Hogenberg's engraving of around 1580.

2. A wonderful old map of Canterbury dating from 1640.

3. William and Henry Doidge's engraving of the 'Antient City of Canterbury' - 1752

4. Andrews and Wren's Plan - 1768

5. A very clear old map of Canterbury dating from 1822.

6. A nice map of Canterbury from the 1950's, taken from a postcard.


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