1 Lady Wootton's Green

18th century frontage, 12th century foundations

This building is supposed to be the model for Dr. Strong's house in Dickens' David Copperfield.
Click here for general views of Lady Wootton's Green, new and historical.
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Front view from across Lady Wootton's Green


Side view, showing that the 'stone' front is skin-deep!
Notes: This building was refurbushed a few years ago by Canterbury Christ Church University College. It apparently has 12th century stone foundations and is built on the site of the Armory of St. Augustine's monastery. Some of the stone wall still remains. It has a lovely 18th century front with Adam style doorways and nice bowed windows.


Below: Door and door decoration
Below: an old postcard showing, on the right, Number 1, and on the left a building where Dickens is supposed to have written some of David Copperfield. It was destroyed in the war.
More photos to follow soon - of timbered interior and beautiful cornice and fireplaces


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