Fyndon's Gate, Lady Wootton's Green

The original Great Gate to St Augustine's Abbey

Rebuilt by Abbot Fyndon between 1301 and 1309

Notes: This is the main gate to St. Augustine's Abbey, rebuilt by Abbot Fyndon in, they say, 1301.

A large bomb feel nearby in the war and damaged it, so you can see what looks like new stone mixed with old stone. In the picture below, for example, compare the two towers which flank the doorway.

I particularly like the stone carvings (see photos below) and the wooden door with the wonderfully shaped peepholes.

On the next page you can see some old postcards and photos of the gate. You can also see photos of the wonderful Renaissance brickwork on the small gate to the left of Fyndon's gate.


On the next page, see also an evocative account of the gate itself.


The gate. On the left, out of the picture, is a wonderful brick gateway in Rennaissance bricks
Detail of the upper storey which houses a room known as the State Chamber or the Queen's Bedchamber, which is where Charles II and his Queen are supposed to have stayed in 1660

Details of the door
Details of the door decoration. I like the peepholes below
Stone carvings
Detail of the window of the bedchamber


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