12, The Friars (Canterbury Tales pub)
Late 18th century house with nice brickwork - now a lively pub opposite the Marlowe Theatre.

Notes: This is a distinctive 18th century building (mid-late century) with a Mansard or Gambrel roof (i.e. one of the shape in the photo!!).
This type of roof was named after Francois Mansart (1598-1666)


A detail of the parapet (see others on the parapets page) - a slightly raised wall which stops rainwater getting under the roof tiles.
Also, a typical 18th century drain. This one has a stone 'coping' running along the top.
Two views of the nice 'overstepping', as the bricks curve round and push outwards at the same time. (See the bricks pages for more examples.) Some of the nicest in Canterbury.





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