Pretoria Road
Victorian detached house - 1890s, early 1900s.
Pretoria Road
Pretoria Road - finial


Largish family house. Its location - in Pretoria Road, gives away its age, since many streets in England were named after South African places during the the Boer War (late 1890s).

Compare this with the Saint Martin's Road example, just around the corner and built around the same time. This house in Pretoria Road is much larger - it is detached, not in a terrace.

You can see richer details in the solid porch before the door, with decorated woodwork, and the attractive roof finial at the top right-hand corner, of a kind typical in houses of that period (though not so common in Canterbury).

(A finial is 'an ornament crowning a pinnacle or gable' - see Lever and Harris in the bibliography)


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