St. Martin's Road
Victorian style two-up, two-down terrace, late 1800s, early 1900s.
Saint Martin's Road

3 bedroom house in the middle of a terrace. (number 7)

Note the newer (plastic!) windows, in contrast to the original sash windows in the neighbouring house. The red brickwork is complemented nicely by the yellow brick patterning. The doorway has a slight alcove and a semi-circular arch. The roof is red-tiled but the roof of the bay window has slate tiles instead.

Compare this some nearby houses built at around the same time. Start with the smaller simpler house at Havelock Street - which does not have the brick decoration, the porch, the bay windows.

Then compare it with the slightly bigger house in Saint Martin's Terrace, round the corner, with nice woodwork, and the even larger house in Pretoria Road - all built around the same time.



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