17, Palace Street - Conquest House - interior (page 1)
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The Norman undercroft, with Norman arches and flint walls, with remains of the Roman road. Described as 'one of the best preserved examples of the Undercroft of a Norman house in England' (Leaflet available in the building.)
Side of Norman door - alleged to be the entrance
to an old tunnel which took the Knights into the Cathedral on the other side of the road. Now it
leads to a storage area.
Detail of one of the original window openings. This once looked out into the courtyard - which is now the front room. (The wooden panel is to hide the modern heater!)

Details of the marvellous Norman undercroft (cellar) with exposed flint and cement walls

Detail of another window opening which once looked out onto the courtyard at the front of the house. Detail of the flint walls.


Detail of the flint walls (south) with traces of the flat Roman bricks from the original Roman road which once went through this part of town.

Detail of fireplace in undercroft


Rear window looking out over garden


Staircase up to ground level

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