16 Watling Street
'a teasing fragment of contemporary [17th c] brickwork' (Quiney, p234)
1625? Earliest brick house still standing in Canterbury - 9 photos below of the outside - click here for photos of the inside

16 Watling Street


The garderobe or toilet tower on the south side - with the building's only original window.

Notes: This is considered to be the oldest brick house still standing in Canterbury. It used to be the town house of an important family - the Man family.

Scoffham discusses it in his book (see bibliography). He says that in the 18th and 19th centuries the windows were replaced and the classical doorway installed.

Quiney (p234) describes it nicely as "laid in English bond [see brickwork pages] with stone quoins [i.e. corner stones] and Doric entablature"

The building is now a solicitors' office. I am most grateful to Mark Montague, who looks after the building, for showing me round. However, responsibility (blame) for these photos is mine alone!!

The base of the toilet tower - presumably where they took out the waste!
Another view of the garderobe - toilet tower.
Details of brickwork above the back door, with nice decorative wall-ties to hold thehouse together!
Back entrance - directly opposite the front door. Below is the inscription above it - dating repairs to 1725
Details of the decorative roses all along the building, above the first storey.
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